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Threshold Into The Unknown Lyrics

... long time ago, before man and even the cosmos was created
a battle between the forces of "light" and "darkness" took place...

The Ancient Ones , led by MUMMU TIAMAT and ABSU
And the Elder Gods, led by the warrior MARDUK, son of the Sa God ENKI...

...This last one won the Battle

...therefore, the cosmos was created from the slain Serpent's body,
and man, was created from the blood of the slain commander of the Ancient Army, KINGU, thereby...

...making man a descendent
of the "Enemy's Blood" as well as the "breath" of the Elder Gods...

However, despite the identity of the victor is clear,
The Ancient Ones are there, lying in wait at every man's door

Threshold Into The Unknown

Probably, you'd already opened the Door by mistake,
Your own personal Gate to the Abyss, and were forced
To cross its Threshold Into The Unknown...

"You may have never known. Or, you may wish you never had..."

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