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All By Myself lyrics

I'm so unhappy
What'll I do?
I long for somebody who
Will sympathize with me
I'm growing so tired of living alone
I lie awake all night and cry
Nobody loves me
That's why

All by myself in the morning
All by myself in the night

I sit alone with a table and a chair
So unhappy there
Playing solitaire

All by myself I get lonely
Watching the clock on the shelf

I'd love to rest my weary head on somebody's shoulder
I hate to grow older
All by myself

Song writer(s): Sergei Rachmaninoff, Eric Carmen

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Irving Berlin - The Songwriters Collection
is the track #2 from the album The Songwriters Collection which is released on 2002-06-18. Genre: Soundtrack | Record Label: 2002 Synergy Records
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