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One little kiss, a moment of bliss, then hours of deep regret
One little smile, and after a while, a longing to forget
One little heartache left as a token
One little plaything carelessly broken

Remember the night
The night you said, "i love you"

Remember you vowed
By all the stars above you

Remember we found a lonely spot
And after I learned to care a lot

You promised that you'd forget me not
But you forgot
To remember

Into my dreams you wandered it seems, and then there came a day
You loved me too, my dreams had come true, and all the world was
But soon the maytime turned to december
You had forgotten, do you remember?

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Irving Berlin - The Songwriters Collection
is the track #18 from the album The Songwriters Collection which is released on 2002-06-18. Genre: Soundtrack | Record Label: 2002 Synergy Records
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