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Left Alone Blues Lyrics

(Instrumental opening line)
I say the woman I'm lovin' caught that train and gone
Got the lowdown blues, and I sure won't be here long

Now I went to the station, fold my arms and moan
I say I went to the station, fold my arms and moan
Ask the operator, Lord, "Long my rider been gone?"

Let me tell you what that Southern train will do (2)
Take your last dollar, Lord, blow black smoke on you

Ain't got no special, got no triflin' kid
I ain't got no special, ain't no triflin' kid
Ain't got nobody, mama, be a-bothered with

Lord, take me, rider, train me to your hand
Please take me rider, train me to your hand
Slip me in your darkest corner, woman, hide me from
your man

You don't want me, rider, please don't dog me 'round
Just like you found me you sure can put me down

Ask you to forgive me, rider, now if you please (2)
Mama, if that don't do I fall down on my knees

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Ishman Bracey - Suitcase Full of Blues 1928-1929
is the track #3 from the album Suitcase Full of Blues 1928-1929 which is released on 2011-10-13. Genre: Blues | Record Label: 1928 Pubblico dominio
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