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A Horizon For Judas Lyrics

Chastise my body
To show my corruption
This cell imprisions the blade
As we turn into ghosts
Drowning deeper away
Into the lake of failure
Sorrow pours from our eyes
Let this be a reminder

Lets taste your wraith
Of envious control
Lust for the wind
To capture our souls

Theres faith in her eyes
Everything cant be fixed
Get ready for destruction
When pride glares me in the face

Move the force fed
With a vibrant spark
Strike this for us
Mourning our hearts
History buries the rose
To our reprisal

Lets taste your hidden wraith
Committed to hasten her soul
This will out last us
Truth is buried beneath the rose

Movements breath through the deceased
Shed her last words

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Iwatchedherdie - The Ill Effects of Hope
is the track #6 from the album The Ill Effects of Hope which is released on 2009. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2009 Unsigned
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