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I'm Comin' On Back To You Lyrics

Oh don't a-let your pretty head work
Your man's truer than a hold on her
I've seen some swingin girls around every town
But only you can satisfy me when I'm down

Thats why I'm coming, coming
Dont you know I gotta make it in a hurry, baby
And I'm coming now, coming on back to you

My little girl, I heard that you been crying
When I said I loved you, did you think I was lying?
I know I loved a few, I kissed a few too
But only your touch can thrill me through and through

Thats why I'm coming, coming,
Don't you know I'm coming, COMING
Coming baby, coming on back to you

Whoa-a-oh,oh,oh, I need your warmthness
And I miss your tenderness
Oh, the way you thrill me so
I want you when I'm a feelin low

So I'm a packin my bags I'm gonna be home soon
I'm gonna knock at your door, there's a bit more news
Woman, nobody else can ever take your place
Woman, nobody else can do the things you do

That's why I'm coming, coming, don't you know
I got my suitcase in my hand, now baby and I'm a coming
Coming on back to you,

Thats why I'm coming, coming,
Don't you know I'm COMING
Coming baby, coming on back to you
Ay! Come on, come on, come on
come on,
Gotta make it, Im on my way baby, come on
Weee-eee, yes come on, hold my hand

Song writer(s): A. Kasha, H. Ott

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Jackie Wilson - 20 Greatest Hits (Remastered)
is the track #14 from the album 20 Greatest Hits which is released on 2002-02-12. Genre: R&B/Soul | Record Label: 2002 Brunswick Records
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