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Faded Lyrics

(Jamal Talking)
These broken hearts you can't take it,
You only text me when you faded yeah...

(Verse 1)
Same games you chose to play?
Guess I'll play em' too,
It's the same old thang, whenever it come to you,
And you get close to yo' old love,
Then he do you wrong when he hurt you,
Then It's I who you start to think of,
I hate that, but I love you,
I'm thinking I should just let it go,
The right decision for you and I,
And at this point i'll never know,
So many things that I don't know, so many emotions you
don't show,
I'm at school with these new girls I should take a dip
in this new world,
I should just be on one, and just stop caring and be
about whatever,
I'm young will if you ain't know I look good and I rap
I got a place a one bedroom where I write raps that be
so true,
After that I study good then I tell a shawty to fall
So many nights where I stayed up, contemplating on
these dreams,
Lonely nights from time to time got me going back to my
old flings,
Then I text you I miss you, you tell me you miss me,
Right back where it all start,
Me and you change for the same hearts its like..

She say she love me,
Tell me how I'm her baby,
She got a man but when he ain't around she treat me
like I den' made it,
Telling me I'm the one and I don't believe a word you
Cause' you love him, that's yo' guy, you only text me
when you faded (yeah)
Text me when you faded, text me when you faded, text me
when you faded, text me when you faded (yeah),
You telling me how you down, you swear to god that you
But you know and I know it's only cause' he ain't
around awe yeah,

(Verse 2)
And I think I've had enough,
I think, that you think, that I think, I think too
I think this is it for us, you let them others get to
The perfect love man it was us,
I'm doing mine and you ain't did enough,
You ain't held up yo end, go get faded with yo'
Go turn up or get tipsy, to mask how much you miss me,
Take it back to before, you wishing I'm still yours,
You saying that cause' you faded but nah I don't miss
you no more awe yeah


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