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Washington Square Lyrics

Cape Cod Light to Mississip, to San Francisco Bay, They're talking 'bout this famous place, down Greenwich Village way.

So I got my banjo out, just sittin' catchin' dust, And painted right across the face "Greenwich Village or Bust." My folks were sad to see me go, but I got no meanin' there. So said "Goodbye, Kansas, Mo, and hello, Washington Square!"

Tennessee, I met a guy who played 12-string guitar. He also had a mighty voice, not to mention a car. Each time he hit those bluegrass chords, you sure smelled mountain air. I said, "Don't waste it on the wind. Come on to Washington Square."

She sang for all humanity, this gal with raven hair. I said, "It's for the world to hear. C'mon to Washington Square."

Cannonballed into New York on good old US 1, Till up ahead we saw the arch, a-gleamin' bright in the sun.

So how's about a freedom song, or the old Rock Island Line? Or how's about the dust-bowl crop, or men who work in a mine?

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James Last - Beachparty, Vol. 1
is the track #8 from the album Beachparty, Vol. 1 which is released on 2015-03-20. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2015 Polydor Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH
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