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The Very Large Hat Lyrics

In the summertime, on the sidewalk here, I see a nickel
Well, I, I guess I'm happening
Is there, is there something special you'd like me to buy you
In bold colors, maybe? Anything you like, you can be happening too

Good to go crazy, just to go
Good to go crazy
Just to show that we're alive
(And that we know)

It takes two days to get there by train
Two days, two days to get there by boat
It takes forever, if you go by inertia
No time, if you don't believe in time

Good to go crazy, just to go
Good to go, just to go
Life is a big place, makes me wonder
Makes me want to know

Lots of legs and lots of arms
A tray, a tray of beer goes sailing by
Up there somewhere, a great band is playing
They're hot, everybody's hot, everybody's dancing tonight

Would you say this is high enough? No
What about that, is that better? No
Stand on my shoulders, any improvement?
Okay, okay, what can we try?
The only thing left is, to maybe fly higher, higher, bye

Summer in the Yukon
In the land of the midnight sun
Nuggets hit the counter, would you like a beer?
I'll buy this round

It's the top, it's the top of the world up here
Is it high enough for you?
I want to take you higher
Have you, uh, decided yet about the hat?

Life is a big place, makes me wonder
Makes me want to know

Song writer(s): Jane Siberry
Official Jane Siberry website: www.sheeba.ca

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Jane Siberry - The Speckless Sky
is the track #3 from the album The Speckless Sky which is released on 1985. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 1985 Sheeba Music Inc
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