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Walk-A-Way Lyrics

I want it to be said, so you'd understand
You're no longer the geek I once loved
Not like back in the days, when your ampits weren't shaved,
We were dweeds but who cared...

Your freaky mustache's gone and your nose got fixed,
Who could tell that your family are heebs
An artificial tan, hides your freckles quite well,
You're the cheerleader's pride...

Now you walk away and I wonder why,
Why you walk away...

I can't believe that we were friends for so long...
Now you're embarrassed just to see me pass by...
You even made it in the parking lot scene...
A backseat queen... you are ... Oh, gimme a second chance...

Cause the summer's gone and I'm stuck behind, 'cause to College they all went...
Flunked my S.A.T's ain't got no degrees,
Now I'm stuck living here with my mom,
It won't take long now, before I'll have my own T-bird,
And I will too,
Be considered cool!

Now I walk away, and you wonder why,
Why I walk away...

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