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Interlude (Irony Skit) Lyrics

Yo Mental..

If i had to count the number of times people have asked me the old asian thing- is it a fad or is it gonna last?

i mean bro you know me n you been doing this time back..they werent ready then and now they're all asking me like ahh man!

Am tired of hearing the same things and saying the same words that answer the same questions chatting(?) my own world. I'm tired of sounding bitter, this is so much more than just a chip on ma shoulder.

See the strange thing is, better rappers and better singers have managed to find a need for themselves in this business.

So you wouldn't think it would be hard to distinguish a british asian brutha who raps n sings english- wrong! Forget the fact that im asian..coz they said i was a copycat- a whack imitation!

Until the media jumped on the bangaba(?) scene..all of a sudden this seems to be an angle for me! thas why i hear "jay why dont you write a music indian phrase a bit of panjabi and soon it will be the latest craze!"

My language aint a fad see honour, we even got craig david to say "aaj pangra pona(??)"

haha! yo i dont know how long its gona last man...
maybe i..maybe i shouldnt have quit medicine...

what dyu think man? mental!
aaand thats all!

Song writer(s): Amit Bajaj, Jay Sean
Official Jay Sean website: www.jaysean.com

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