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Straight Edge Lyrics

They told me
I'm straight edge nuffin
Keeps me sharp as a straight blade
they tryna blaze somethin
But I Am that influence
I'm tryna raise
To create
They say I'm too brave
Tryna throw temptation
But I ain't David RuffinOr Craig
So what you talkin

Always to keep a focus. Without the thicker focals.. To have super pupils, dilate the blurr with the hocus pocus this a holy opus nun'll notice bewitched twitch rem dreams of a floating lotus you see ya lids are loafers mine as high as high tops and some higher waters I be as high as you sober wouldn't know it least eye dropped to your seclera so you can see clearer than both of us. Navigated through hogwash then I graduated from Hogwarts a schooler. Summa Cum Laude of the potter, not a potter of plant to grow a chiefer. Might of dropped a seed to grow a tree up. You might have seen me. Built the bridge to Taribitha where the leaves whispered that I'm a wizard. And some'll soon follow me to the vineyard, where trees wove crowns for me, made me king of.


Not determined to be a deter'er. Not concurring to being the Führer. Non preacher, non saint non Baptist or a non believer, just an observer of procedure, handed down from the highest hands in the meeting like look, let's make this an instrument to be acceptable, they'll become susceptible and start searching for a higher high give'em this one, make it perpetual. C circle the scientist at NASA they refer to us as data, non human, just some patterns and some habits, while they make habitable environments on Saturn. They made it fashionable to be non-applicable, made it palatable as a plate of food, they betting on ya to be unreliable, irresponsible, irreversibly cloned and heardable.


I do it on purpose. Just to defeat the purpose, of the person at the height of the hierarchy. On the surface.. introduce a little anarchy, not a nervous. Make it a versus. Don't be a worthless passerby don't get too high, and let the straight edge cut ya. Don't get too high and let the straight edge cut ya.

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