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One Love Lyrics

I love
Boy, I love you so
I love

You and I have been around
Each other for quite a while
But I don't think that you
Understand the way that I feel for you

Baby, it took a while for me
To realize that you were so naive
Well maybe you were blind and cannot see
The feelings I have for you, you don't understand

The things that I've gone through
To paint a perfect picture just for you
I've even told your friends, but that won't do
Well baby, you have to know, I can't wait no more

I, love you more than you will ever know
Love, I've been tryin' so hard to show you
I, love you like a queen would love her king
Love, baby, I've been trying to show you

Look at me, try to understand that I am here for you
And whatever you're goin' through
No matter what you ask me to do I will do

See baby, I'm trying to make you see
This is not pretend or make believe
I wanna be the woman that you need
Just let me get close to you, take me in your heart

Every day I want you more and more
Never in my life was I so sure
These feelings I have I can't ignore
So baby just let me know, all I'm trying to say is

I, love you more than I can love myself
Love, I would die before I hurt you
I, love you like a woman loves a man
Love, when there's no one else to live for

Baby, for so long I've always tried to show
You just how much I care for you
Boy, you had to know that I could never let you go
I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make you understand that

I, love you when there's no more love to give
Love, baby, I will always want you
I, love you when you're up against it all
Love, I'll be by your side forever

I, I love you, baby, love you, baby
Love, love you, baby, love you, baby
I, love you, baby, love you, baby
Love, I love you, baby, love you, baby

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Jennifer Lopez - LOVE? (Bonus Version)
is the track #8 from the album LOVE? which is released on 2011-05-02. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2011 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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