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Here By My Side Lyrics

Oh my little angel, I know our moneys getting tight
But we're still gonna go get along
So what? We'll just go in the bathroom + get high
They ain't ever gonna stop us girl, we're much too
You know all the cops are always sayin' you can't squat
you can't sit here
You gotta get up, you gotta walk before you run
Well you know what? Big old Mr. blue hat
I don't want to hear your crappy lines
Cause I'll get my ass up, I'll be gone before it's done

here by my side is where you belong
Here by my side is where you belong

I wanna have my youth, I wanna have my fun
I wanna have my years
Yes it is too fast
I wanna have 'em too few
I can see us gettin old and movin' down to Florida
U & me girl, we're gonna be forever
I guarantee 'cause age is just that it ain't nothing
much 'cause darlin'

Here by my side is where you belong
Here by my side is where you belong

Now I know that you don't ever want to quarrel 'cause
I don't like to fight
But if I gotta get my iron fist a' pumpin' and I gotta
get our love a hummin' then
Girl, I would do whatever it takes just to see you
through till the mornin breaks

Oh baby baby, now I don't like to quarrel but I would
I would do whatever it takes, just to see U through
Yes you know I would, I would do whatever it takes
I would beat up whatever punk makes your heart break
Then I would sew it up & love you girl with all my
By my side girl, here by my side

I know that we're gonna survive the night
We're gonna wake in the mornin light
We're gonna take our money fuck the junk
We're gonna get some bus tickets and get our way out of
We'll drive all night if we have to
We'll make to the desert by sun up
Then we'll love up & grow up & grow up & we'll grow up
Forever girl I love you
I don't want to see you in heaven and you ain't goin to
You ain't gonna die, you gonna be always in my heart
Right by my side

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Jesse Camp - Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz
is the track #10 from the album Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz which is released on 1999-05-25. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1999 Hollywood Records, Inc
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