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Light Of Your Face Lyrics

Oh Lord bless me
And keep me
Cause your face
To shine on me
Lord be gracious
With the light of your countenance
Give me peace

For I, live only
To see your face
So shine on me

(climax chorus)
Let the light, of your face
Shine down, on my heart
And let me feel it

"Let me feel it...
let me feel your glory...
shine on me, shine on me,
shine on me, shine on me...
the favor of your face,
the favor of your face...
is what I pray, what I pray,
what I pray God...
just one look from you,
one look from you, God, ohh,
grant me the favor of your face,
oh Jesus. Its all I need, all I need,
yeah. Grant me the favor of your face Jesus

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Jesus Culture - Consumed
is the track #6 from the album Consumed which is released on 2009. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2012 Jesus Culture Music
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