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Last Forever Lyrics

(Jet 2 talking over light singing)

Verse 1
Uh, from her Lips to her lips
I'm tryna' feed her the Jet stewardess
Knock her lights out now she viewing two instead one
shot swish get her wet, Jet 2 assist
She got me speaking with a lisp
Cleaning out the pussy tongue straight douchin' it
Sucking out ya' juices like you with two views and shit
Make her whine out and use the dizzy' like, (laughs)
Got insurance just in case a nigga slip in it
Make her take a ride like survival of the fittest
Whatever the tongue didn't get I'm gonna finish when I
hit it
Nasty boy, potty mouth, I be talking shi-shitttt
Pussy dripping like sweat or mascara, if the lube is
right I always get to cut like alevara
She bad as ever, beat it like I'm as mad as ever
Gets the mood right let me set up…

From the moment that I've seen your face
Right then I know it'd be okay
I hope, that this, moment would
Last forever, and ever, ever and ever
And last forever…

Verse 2
My angels as god be my witness
Young money shit give every girl the business
Nigga wish, I could fly in it like I zipped it
Cross every name off, on my, lick list
(laughs) I'm so inappropriate
And you all that, and I'm all in ya' nickelodeon
(laughs) bombs, explosions
Hit a couple rounds knock out, then doze in
Oh, even when I don't go in
Started in the tub, sink in the ocean
Make ya' come close keep her cozy like I toasted ya'
No matter the cup I'm tryna' hold you like a custard
Uh, get you wetter than some soap and suds
Throw it deep down the middle like you just ran a
post'n up
Goodness your so bless its evident I pray its say to
That I want you forever eminem and wayne and drake, and


(light singing until song fades)

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