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Ben Dewberry's Final Run Lyrics

[C] Ben Dewberry was a brave engineer
He told his fireman don't you ever [C7] fear
[C] All I want is the water and coal
Put your head out the window, watch the drivers roll
Watch the [F] drivers roll - watch the drivers [C] roll
Put your head out the window; watch the [G7] drivers
[C] roll.

Ben Dewberry said before he died
Two more roads that he wanted to ride
His fireman asked him what could they be
Said the old Northeastern and the A and B
The A and B - he said the A and B
It's the old Northeastern and the A and B.

On the fatal morning it began to rain
Around the curve come a passenger train
Ben Dewberry was the engineer
With the throttle wide open and without any fear
He didn't have no fear - he didn't have no fear
He had her runnin' wide open without any fear.

Ben looked at his watch - shook his head
We may make Atlanta but we'll all be dead
The train was flyin' by the troublin' switch
Without any warning then she took the ditch
Yea! she went in the ditch - well, she took the ditch
Without any warning - then she took the ditch.

The big locomotive leaped from the rail
Ben never lived to tell that awful tale
His life was ended and his work was done
When Ben Dewberry made his final run
He made his final run - he made his final run
When Ben Dewberry made his final run.

Song writer(s): Michael Schenker, Phillip John Mogg
Official Jimmie Rodgers website: www.jimmie-rodgers.com

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Jimmie Rodgers - Recordings 1927 - 1933 Disc A
is the track #3 from the album Recordings 1927 - 1933 Disc A which is released on 2007-08-28. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2007 JSP Records
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