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Make This Last Forever Lyrics

Do you remember how it all began
We didn't know how far
Or where we were going
But somehow we never stopped knowing
That love would keep us together this time
It's you and me my love
You know what I feel for you, can't you see
Hold me now don't you stop loving me

Make this last forever
Knowing that we'll keep it together
Forever more

Make this last forever
Don't look back, let's keep it together
Don't ever go

Tell me if you know how this dream came true
It's all because of you
Now I see true love showing
Come with me 'cause I know where we're going
My love, let's keep it together this time
It's only you and I
You know what I feel for you, can't you see
Hold me tight don't you stop loving me


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Jocelyn Enriquez - Lovely
is the track #1 from the album Lovely which is released on 1994. Genre: Dance | Record Label: 1994 Planet Hype
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