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oh man i don’t want to brag/but my red pen writes real good raps/about to tear it up like arts and
crafts/speak for yourself if no one else will/brilliance won’t announce his brilliance/false humility didn’t
know he was pretentious/choose your words wisely can i kick it/break bread and fellowship with cultural
critics/i wrote a song for the summer saved it for the winter/crayon glitter color in the big picture/so
simple man not a simpleton/we get by bare minimum/all i want is a little bit of land/house and a fam and
a number-one jam/to take over your stereo/imaginations captivated/party people motivated/don’t make
it so complicated/pens and needles 48 bars to fill/sharpened pencils scribbling yes ya’ll/writers block
bang my head against the wall/nothing good to say say nothing at all/i wrote a song for the
summer/saved it for the winter/crayon glitter color in the big picture/my friend everett he told me/don’t
trust a man that cannot be/at the bottom of a joke/dig deep hide behind the mystique/angst finds
knowledge knowledge finds a scene/irrelevant religion pleads legitimacy/we chose not to take
ourselves too seriously/cluttered virtue fashion for simple truth/ideas first or the people they serve/keep
quiet while you learn/raise your voice if you’re sure/with enough authority to put it in a verse/

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John Reuben - Sex, Drugs and Self-Control
is the track #8 from the album Sex, Drugs and Self-Control which is released on 2009-12-22. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2009 Gotee Records
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