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Cheryl Moana Marie Lyrics

Cheryl Moana Marie
Back home she's waiting for me.
Cheryl Moana Marie
There on the shore she waits so patiently

Verse 1:

In the sleepy little town
Where soft breezes blow
Theres a lovely little Maori Miss I used to know
Someday I'll go find my way and I'll return
from over the sea
To where my island sweetheart waits for me.

Verse 2: (Repeated twice)

Cheryl Moana Marie
Someday our waiting will end
Safe in my arms she will be
My Cheryl Moana Marie

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John Rowles - The Singer & The Songs / Sings the Classics
is the track #17 from the album The Singer & The Songs / Sings the Classics which is released on 2008-05-02. Genre: Vocal | Record Label: 2008 John Rowles
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