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Leap Into The Inconceivable Lyrics

Of all the new, new numbers
Shouted out beside the mountain
Glowing in the night

I couldn't see so clear
I'd run the risk of hoping
Everything was all right

Then it hits you
Flashing faster than
Even words are no longer valid
Or reasonable in this life

The choice is mesmerising,
Contemplating, Castaneding every fear
But if the fear subsides
I take a chance and leap into the inconceivable
Wake me quickly
Wake me stealthily
Wake me quickly
Wake me up into the real world again
See me fly to escape this earthly conversation
True to form again
To extend the quietest regions
As we venture to forbidden regions
As before the sun
That dominates my movements higher
We expect it all to justify

Of all the new, new numbers
Shouted out beside the river
Flowing in the night

Make no mistake in taking chances
As you leap into the world of now

Safe religion at last declining you
All is One
Redefining your every move again
Building a bridge through where
The ship of Life pulls in
Building a bridge to set you free
We will walk this true believer
Here to honor life
Be the strength of love
And all you're meant to be

We all agreed to meet
This long hot summer, long ago
At last this song could be replayed

They say through fascination
All in all this invitation
For if we die tomorrow
Never knowing the truth
There'd be no real reason
To life without hope
Without feeling this
Precious true gift
To be able to see
Then finally come home

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