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Cold Dark American Dreams Lyrics

There’s a little bit of Villain in everyone that's what
I learned today
Don't let no-one gun down your fun act a fool break a
rule everyday
I ain't here to sit on a conveyer belt towards the jaws
of some Death Machine,
I'm gonna sing my song not gonna follow along into a
Cold, Dark, American Dream no, no; Cold, Dark, American

The world is my school not some concrete box full of
tied up suited folks
saying this is what it is and how it has to be I told
you son one and one just don't make three.

What is a law philosophically I asked the judge when
they hit me for indecency, why can't I piss where I
want I didn't hurt no one, saved some god-damn water
for your flush-a-tron.

You won't believe the things I've seen walked a
thousand miles to find a land of green and then the
black-coat man in his limousine turns the colors grey
and builds a factory.

For what do you think man you can never say for
building more guns or artificial sun rays for the days
when we've sucked all the sun-light dry, for following
a life of buy, buy, buy, oh no.


There are Gypsies in the river sailing on a moon sliver
just waiting for the judgment day
they count the passers by while the time just flies and
they sing about the good old days.

This is what I say about your good old days mine is
better then good in so many ways
and they never get old and they never will I'll be
dancing like a Devil till my heart stands still.

And I'll search for buried treasure in every town play
the whiskey neck bottle till the sun comes round and
when it rises and shines or falls back down I'll see
the shadows on the mountains of the lands unfound.

Four black vultures on the street-light sit just
laughing bout the war and politics
they said, these funny creatures they got it all wrong
well it won't be long before they all are gone, oh no.

The native chief said interconnectedness has been
crushed under the bus of awarelessness,
the web has been cut and were all going down gonna take
a revolution to bring us around.

But if we grab the strands up one by one tie them back
together so they can't come undone,
And then we take our eyes from the blue-light screen
and wake up from these Cold, Dark, American Dreams.

And you'll never know it's gone until it's all gone
wrong we'll be regretting these American dreams, oh
yeah, we'll be regretting these dark, cold-hearts,
we’ll be forgetting about American dreams, oh yeah,
we'll be regretting these American dreams.

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