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Half A Moment Lyrics

"This is half a moment to be true.
Just you're here as long as I'm with you."

Male Tenor:
Half a moment
We are together
I shall want no-one else
And nothing new.
Half a moment
I shall treasure,
Keep it locked away
For some future rainy day.
Should you leave me
With just this moment
In my mind
I shall capture it anew,
Like some picture
Taken in my childhood
Half a moment
Spent with you.
Countless vivid memories
Spin before my view,
Like some toy kaleidoscope
Images of you.

Time looks kindly
On fleeting lovers
They can turn the briefest hour
Into a day
Turn a moment
To a lifetime
Making it to last
Blending future with the past.

Male Tenor & Chorus:
We're together,
What else can matter?
Even though
Half a moment is too few

Male Tenor:
I shall save it
'Til I have another
Making one whole moment
Filled with you.

Song writer(s): Alan Ayckbourn, Andrew Lloyd Webber

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