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Ancient Of Days Lyrics

Ancient. Ancient. Ancient of Days
Ancient Ancient Ancient of Days
Ancient Ancient. Ancient of Days
Ancient, Ancient, Ancient of Days
Ancient, Ancient, Ancient of Days
Ancient. Ancient. Ancient of. Days
Ancient. Ancient Ancient of. Days
Blessing and honor
Glory and power
Be unto the Ancient of Days
From every nation
All of creation
Bow before the Ancient of Days
Every tongue in Heaven and earth
Shall declare your glory
Every knee shall bow at your. Throne
In worship
You will be exalted o God.
O Ancient of. Days
Ancient. Ancient. Ancient of. Days

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Junior Tucker - Ready for the Rapture
is the track #3 from the album Ready for the Rapture which is released on 2011-10-15. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2011 Main Street Music
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