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With Age Lyrics

Careful when you crank that last one down
the yellow chips with ease, with age
kind of old but they're the best ones
not gonna tip as they slip through the waves
Hey Hey almost forgot to say,
guess who I ran into yesterday?
It's been two years since
I've seen her down this way
We talked till the sun came
Then we walked, just ignored the rain
Hanging out was almost the same
Only without all the doubt,
without all the pain
Made me think when you think things are done
- Now I know you can really love only one –
But you you can't give up on the first ones
Because the honesty comes with age

I knew that would be the last song
Coming out of that machine
The bar back had somewhere else to be
If you know what I mean – if you know what I mean
But hey hey, I wanted to stay
So I put another dollar in and pressed "play"
Just one of rare nights
When you don't want to see the bare light
of the next day
That won't be the last nod
That came last night from her face
They tried to cut us off, they even turned out the
But they couldn't turn off the grace
With which she listened to every word
Clear among the din of glass and laughter, unheard
attention and respect
That I could hardly return
In such a crowded place

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Karate - Pockets
is the track #1 from the album Pockets which is released on 2004-08-23. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2004 Southern Records
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