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Subtle waves in motion
Shaping spirals are underground
Where it lies it goes
Stuck in weak old forms

Here we go our minds recall
Out of control in this spinning wheel
Starting to face what we feed and what we can't ignore

Starting to swell
this is bigger than you
Thought it could be something beautiful
It's beginning to feel like we're part of something real

When I shift
to signal that some days it's
Phoenix come fracture my sleep

Now this shaking sky
needs a show to start in
We wait to carry away
On the promises
I fear it taking over
and I fear taking over

I'm feeling opaque as
our colours all fade to grey
here in the light of my darkest day
Its Silent

I settle my thoughts so maybe
I can relax into to my sigh

My minds always window shopping
but I can't afford the payment
I feel like I've wasted my last chance
to try

I'm here in this moment
A pivotal moment
Its taken me over

It's starting to swell
This is bigger than you
Thought it could be something beautiful
Its begining to feel like we're part of something real

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Karnivool - Asymmetry
is the track #2 from the album Asymmetry which is released on 2013-07-19. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2013 Karnivool Pty Ltd under exclusive license in N America to Workhorse Music Group Density Records
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