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The Last Few Lyrics

Some of you will get out alive
Don't move at all because
I promised you all your scars
Will be worth all your loss
We've taken the fall
To save your skin
We've stymied them all
These precious nailed sins
They sting 'cause we are...
We are strong

The freedom comes when this anthem is sung
And the fates come undone
'Cause we have switched the lights on
We've exposed their friends-in-arms
Now we stand as one at the end

If we are the last few,
Who will be the first one to lead us?
If we are the last few
Will I feel alive?
Once chance to prove there's some things that can lead us
To new life, new life!
That alone I can lead us
New life, new life!
New life, new life!

If we are the last few,
Now we're alone and can need it
If we are the last few
New life, new life!
New life, new life!

Song writer(s): Ian Kenny, Mark Hosking, Stephen Judd, Andrew Goddard, Jonathan Stockman
Official Karnivool website: www.karnivool.com.au

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Karnivool - Asymmetry
is the track #11 from the album Asymmetry which is released on 2013-07-19. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2013 Karnivool Pty Ltd under exclusive license in N America to Workhorse Music Group Density Records
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