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Independent Thief Lyrics

Gimme a bet and I'll take it
I've got twenty bucks that says I'm gonna make it
I've got twenty two fifty in the bank
and I'd bet it all away given the chance

I'm the independent thief
no one's got a number on me
everybody's talking while you save this crowd
they water down the drinks and the band plays too loud

I don't want nothing from you
all I need is just some company

You're always standing there holding out for more
when I'm the reason you're always shown the door
I'm this city's sweet holy thunder
I'm the gold of the drug you've been under

I'm the good teacher that got away
button-down sweaters and black-rimmed frames
I'm your get-out-of -jail-free for a year
I'm the warden of your heart but I don't keep you near

I don't want nothing from you
all I need is just some company

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Kathleen Edwards - Back to Me
is the track #4 from the album Back to Me which is released on 2005-03-01. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2005 Rounder Records Manufactured and distributed by Concord Music Group
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