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Brownies Lyrics

Chorus: Where are the Brownies when you need them
How come the kitchen's still a sight
Where are the Brownies when you need them
I hope they change their minds and come tonight

Woke up this morning and the porch was full of sour milk
The bowl I left the Brownies had been spilled from end to end
And nothing had been done around my house while I was sleeping
I thought the little buggers were my friends

I got a neighbor and I swear her name is Mrs. Clean
Her place is just immaculate a picture of delight
I asked her for the secret and she told me it was Brownies
They did it for the milk she left at night

All right, you Brownies, now I'm gonna give you one last chance
If I still find this wild disaster when I leave my bed
I'm gonna let my fingers wander through those Yellow Pages
And get myself a girl scout troop instead

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