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Childhood's End Lyrics

Chorus: I'll look upon the face of God
And through a billion eyes
And take the planet of my birth
Beyond the endless skies
And sing the universal song
Above the reach of right and wrong
And find the devil is my friend
When I have come to childhood's end

They touched our world and changed our bloody history
They gave us peace and always dwelt in mystery
They eased the hunger of the endless realms of men
And taught us how to love each other once again

They promised they would walk among us on the day
When all their ministrations had prepared the way
And when the work was done and fifty years had passed
They left their ships to show themselves to us at last


The horns and wings and tails no longer brought us fear
Our minds were now unclouded and our eyes were clear
No longer would we judge things for the way they seem
And on that day the children would begin to dream

The dreamers were the promise of a new mankind
They soon would touch the universal overmind
And as they pondered what that touch would someday bring
In all our thoughts their hopes would brightly dance and sing


The devils were the guardians of our infant earth
They supervised the circumstances of our birth
In loneliness they cross the seas of stars alone
And never share the song that calls us all back home

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