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Oh I don't need an education
Just a microphone's intoxication
And I can't deal with concentration
Give me tongues and stimulation
Who are you to know my story
Who are you to read my book

I don't think you know how crazy,
People say I am
"You're running in the deep end, Katy. Why don't you give a damn?"

I've lost all sense of navigation,
But got my Cali-fornication
Don't give me words of hard degration,
I only accept infatuation
I'm a fragile kind of glass
I won't wear your stupid mask


I still hold hands with my creation
But cross my eyes at it's elation
And if I miss my graduation
I'll have one fucking long vacation

Song writer(s): Leigh Elliott, Leonardo Mollings, Bryan River Jones, Kim Bullard, Jay Jenkins, Maurice Carpenter, Katy Rose, Johnny Mollings

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Katy Rose - Because I Can
is the track #9 from the album Because I Can which is released on 2004-01. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2004 V2 Records, Inc
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