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***ONLY SOME OF THE LYRICS-dont know the rest***


I met her at a club
she was lookin' fine
she had other things on her mind
asked if she wanted to dance
and she said,
"I've been waiting for a real man to,
come along show me he was strong
let me feel, like i could be long(?)"
then she took me hand
and said...

Take me away,way
theres gotta be
somewhere that we can go
somewhere we can move it nice and slow
i wanna go thereee-yeeaah
from all the chaos
in the sunny light
show me your beautiness and life
i wanna go thereee-yeeaah...

take me away i dont wanna go home tonight,
dont let me down,
baby the mood is high
hold me now, we'll dance till we get it right
taaaake me away....(taake me away)

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