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Old Habits Never Die Lyrics

Can’t see a positive view
Through these negative eyes
Am I chasing a dream that just doesn’t exist?
There’s a fire burning deep inside
With a will to live and a will to die
Everytime I ask the question why, I look to the sky
For a god that never answers
I’m sick, I’m tired of this shit, I’ll deal with it right

Our time is now
I’ll make my own choices
Our time is now
Always looking forward

I lost faith in all I hoped for
Dreams were slammed shut
With every opened door
I’ll take time, collect my thoughts
Erase my mind, choose the next step
When opportuniy knocks
You think it’s knocking for us?
We work hard for all this shit you see
Represent for the cause of day one
No ambition, only personal gain

Never accepted
No future
We see through it all
Do it our own way

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Knuckledust - Unbreakable
is the track #8 from the album Unbreakable which is released on 2005. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2008 GSR
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