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Buddie Brown Blues Lyrics

Captain rung the bell this morning just at the break of
Said now it's time for you to go rolling buddy why don't
you be on your way

Mama you can cook my breakfast great God don't you burn
my bread
Do and I'm going to take my black hand razor I'm going to
cut you on your doggone head

Now my captain done called me Lord and I got to go
Because he's on his old black stallion and he's riding
from door to door

Now I will be so glad when my payday comes
Says I'm getting so tired mama rolling from sun to sun

Now I'm going to get up in the morning do just like old
Buddy Brown
Says I'm going to eat my breakfast please and lay back

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Kokomo Arnold - Kokomo Arnold Vol. 4 (1933 - 1934)
is the track #9 from the album Kokomo Arnold Vol. 4 which is released on 1991. Genre: Blues | Record Label: 1991 Document Records
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