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The Ardent Companion That You Are Lyrics

What's on your mind?
Come to the truth – hurry please!
Stop trying to curve right around the bend:
Such an earnest plea!
Closer: I bear ears for sight (x2)

Come taste the size of your shimmered glee:
Your mask-like pose
I'm not one for your silly roundabouts:
Answer me!
Oh, what's on your mind (x2)

Love bludgeoned - just listen
God dammit! I've...

Set around the fire
Burn the roar's declare: it's kept me retained
I promised I would
Plead with your god to make it mine
Centuries of perfidy (x4)

All right, you hailed your questionnaire
Feeding off the rift that somehow bore
Somewhere through descending solacement
Gently let me down. Your argument:
All right, I failed your questionnaire
All right, I failed your questionnaire

Suit yourself; a narrow depth
To constrict the moral principles - you believed…?
Do you have an end to this?
Do we have an end?
Dismiss the screen
This silent treatment should be good enough for me

I believe you're on your own
Our compass now outgrown
You've simply wandered a fork

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Koniac Net - Abiogenesis - EP
is the track #5 from the album Abiogenesis - EP which is released on 2014-02-28. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2014 Qinetic Music
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