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At midday today, some Americans attended memorial services
for victims of Tuesday's acts of terrorism. Thousands
gathered at Chicago's Daily Plaza. Hundreds more looked
on from the windows of surrounding office buildings.
Many waved flags, and traffic came to a complete standstill.
On the rooftop of City Hall, which faces Daily Plaza, a
police sharpshooter watched the crowd, even as he saluted
the flag. After a minute of silence, church bells rang.
{Ain't no need in all the tears, oh no no, yeah yeah
Yeah cause things will be better tomorrow}
[Chorus: repeat 2X *sung*]
No need for tears, no need to cry
No matter what we face, we shall get by
When the problems you face are too much to bear
Know I'll be there
Hold that head up y'all, don't get fed up y'all
C'mon let's get up y'all
Make that bed up y'all, life is a set-up y'all
Sadness comes from a lack of knowin, not knowin
where the one that you love is goin
We all gonna reap what we all are sewin
There is no death, just constant growin
We can't stay here forever
We all gotta go to a place we believe is better
So why be sad, why be mad
Now you can see it ain't about the cheddar
It's all about the time that we spend together
Not the rhyme or the crime or the Gucci sweater
The house that's built on a rock can stand the weather
Faith, can stand the weather
But is your house, upon the rock
Or is it on sand and about to drop
Here is the question that you got to ask
Do I live for today or do I live for the past?
Think fast, but do not hurry
Life is a class and we should not worry
But tell me, how long you gonna ignore
Tell me how long you gonna ignore God's law?

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