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Pacifistic Death Lyrics

Pacifistic death, in the middle
Of rot bodies
Guns is full of blood
They're kill like bullets

Mortal, mortal pain
Seek for final hope
Rituals of death
Man is fully stiff

Sadistic thought, you're teach to kill
Slowly torture to death,
Bring the satisfaction

You're reek, you're run,
You're headless kill
Aren't torment but torment
You've like slowly cooling dawn blood,
You're teach dying by the death
Pacifistic death
Pacifistic death

Schism your own acts
Bestials but effectives
Is the century of dying
Rot off much the innocents

You're reek, you're run...

Pacifistic death
Pacifistic death

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Krabathor - Lies
is the track #7 from the album Lies which is released on 2011. Genre: Death Metal/Black Metal | Record Label: 2011 Mad Lion Records
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