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Trading Places Lyrics (Feat.. Nocando)

Check the rhythm it takes
I break cyclones
I might as well fuck up your head
When my mind's alone
While zoning in cloud nine
Ski slope over the Alpine
Correct tone condoned
When vocalizing what I felt to minimize
Clap your hands
It's the all American Band Stand up
Don't mind me as I unlock myself from these cuffs
Then the uppercut cuts off circulation to conduct
Picture this scenery if it was to erupt
Tough luck
Your stuff doesn't make any sense that's why your image timid
And no one cares what you got going for yourself
So set no boundaries
Unless you actually achieve better health
What is this anyway?
A candle light dinner with that special loved one in a classy
With music to be composed by a DJ
Well I'm not having it
Then and only then I need to insinuate savageness
Tell me about the good old days
In many ways it seems to be reverting its comeback
Then when it's attacking
Relax when it happens
I might've knocked you off course due to the simple reaction
This is my box
No one could enter it
Within the center of exiting exodus
Next notable motion could cause arrogance
The terror beyond anything that's irrelevant

Class picture’s fakest smile
I'm thinking fuck a scene
You ain't my friends
You ain't my pal
My enemies are up front with me
Bury the back stabbers
And body bag the bottom feeders
You don't want to fight
I’ll make the war happen
More scrapping
Napkins for your open wounds
Even if you’re not a scenester
I don't got a problem either
Fools are awful eager
To cross the creature
Who gave them confidence
When they were non-believing
Cock blocking Condoleezzas
Yeah boy!
You're acting like my right hand bitch
Well your limelight lifespan fits
In my right hand’s grip
Your flows are ugh!
Your shows are oh!
Where did all the people go?
Your dough is low
Your groupies are on tweak and blow
Their facial features decomposed a week ago
Make them hoes eat a do-nut
Or a pizza
Bro’ what
I'm a seasoned pro slut
I got a crew
We all know I never needed one
I heard your words of wisdom and I never heeded one
I heard them tracks man
You need to get them beats to bump
All respect due
My opinion is they’re weak as fuck

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