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All My Love Lyrics

I give all my love
And all my life
To see what it's all about
At the primo I intro
rolling like a domino
skip all the obstacles
technical in my field like bebe to
I'm the brown clown
who brings the loud sound
secure your backround
flames out the volcano
Here comes the concerto
words spitted out through el microfono
I'm no more a solo
I hooked up with Mariko
a real pro of the flow
we're like Chewbacca and Han Solo
I'm a verbal gigolo
I persist, I insist
I write until I soar my wrist
I'm what MC's call
a lyrical perfectionist
I want my passion for hiphop to be understood
I give all my love
I gotta represent,
not in the past, in the present
I take presently the power
I state myself president
Omnipresent, I make this stage my kingdom
I am le mc of la dynasty kwan
One two one, a fugitive on the run
heating, feeling furious like Attila The Hun
Like volcano
Check the deal yo
My mind like a mac spit out the info
You get a D.O.
- I mean O.D.
Reverse like a boomerang, real crazy
amazing, blazing
the crowd is always waving
It's no funeral,
time for the awakening
I give all my love

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