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Can't Live Like This Lyrics

Chorus: Everlast x 2]

I can’t live like this no more They know my name at the liquor store I get high, give dick to hoes I can’t live like this no more

[Verse 1: Ill Bill]

Lost in the bottle, of course I’m the bottom of the barrel No apparel except for being a loser and an asshole Trust in drugs, arrogant, they keep me happy The same thing that’s killing me is the same thing that traps me It transports me, sometimes it transforms me So I feel like I’m getting a blowjob in a porn scene Sometimes I feel like I’m a millionaire with no worries A lazy fuck stuck on the couch in no hurry No ambition, no plans or future Got two bitches pregnant at the same time One is due in a month, the other in a week They don’t even know about each other And I don’t even love either of them And I’m a piece of shit, a real piece of work A womanizer, it’s a wonder that my penis even works This sore throat won’t go away, I go to see the doctor Only to find out that I’m dying with the monster

[Chorus x 2]

[Verse 2: Slaine]

Yeah, Bacardi bottles litter the floor, bicker with whores Liquor in drawers, the alcoholic sticking up stores Scratch tickets is all losers, owe 30 to the bookie He wanna murder me, I’m up inside a dirty pussy Warts burned off my dick by a doctor, I’m sick I keep chasing dreams that I’m not gonna get I might as well spend my days in a bottle Night inside a cell doing coke and steroids got my body hot as hell I’ll probably rot in Hell, yeyo that I gotta sell Is all sniffed, my future is dog shit My best friend’s a dope fiend and he can’t get off it My music is in the trash, I can’t turn a profit I just drank every dollar that I murdered off it My brain keeps leaking like a turning faucet I’m sneezing for no reason with a burning nostril I started off being decent now I’m turning hostile

[Chorus x 2]

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