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Check It Out
Ya'll Know What Time It Is
Back In The Flesh La Symphony
Puttin In Down Pound Pound For Pound
Five Foot Four Three Two One

You Know Who The Crew Is Energetic Ruthless
Radio Gonna Play This Till Your Old And Toothless
Even Your Mom Like The La Symph Crew
More Than Just Music Life Channel Through The Binsu
Even If It Aint What You Into We Kick The Essentials
Stainless Is Sinful, Complex Is Simple
We Steady Movin With Our Eyes On The Prize
You Never Gonna Mistake Us With Them Other Guys
So We Sock It To The Brain Than I Spit It Through Mesh
I Do Right To Every Word So They Can Penetrate Flesh
Its Like A Key On A Kite Sparkin Thoughts To Bring Light
I Threw Caution To The Wind And Let My Words Take Flight
You Can Forget The Fads You Can Forget The Trends
I Am Finding A Meaning A Force That Transcends
On Culture Race Space And All Of Time
With Others In My Heart And There Is Peace In My Mind
From Birth Til Death I Can Repeats Flesh Dress
Above Your View Of The Sky Stands Out Weightless
Speak Life To The Breathless Shine For The Breathless
For The Blind [?] Track For Evidence

I'm Trying To Make It In A World Full Of Apathy
Asking God What Else Does He Have For Me
I'm Timeless I Am A Beautiful Mess
Through The Joy Through The Pain Through The Worst And Best
Im Timeless

Make It Like No Other
Im Timeless
Over The Years To Advance
Im Timeless
This Is Time Tell Me What You Expect
Im Timeless
Everywhere Out Doin
Silence Anger And Violence Races Of Hate Crimes
Peace Rallies And Riots
Finded Without Measure
And There You Gonna Find A Little Glimpse Of Forever
We Smile And We Rap, Ironic We Walk
Its More Than A Moment, We Live What We Talk
So Timeless You'll Find Us Still Doin Our Thing
Many Moons From Now The Symph Shall Remain
Its That Voice In Your Head Speaking Life Through Your Thoughts
Its Your Mind Over Matter When Money You Aint Got
Through Your Highs And Lows And The Blows That Life Throws
Its The Things That Make You Grow Like When You Reap What You Sew
Im Praying For Wisdom Cause We All Have Influence
Somebodys Watching Me, Making Mental Notes Of My Movements
Its Not Just Music, Its My Life And How I Use It
Dont Want To Be Foolish And Leave My Family Clueless
Cause What The Puerto Rican Yo Forever 21
Never Mind The Time, Remind Myself There's Plenty To Be Done
And When Its Said And Done And The Music Still Remains
Musicians Come And Go But My Legacy Sustains


Time Will Excel With Time
Im Timeless
Meant To Be Read In The History
Im Timeless
A Couple Words Spoke In Here For Clarity
Im Timeless
Hip Hop And New Heights
Time Is Less [x5]

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L.a. Symphony - Less Than Zero
is the track #1 from the album Less Than Zero which is released on 2005. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2005 Gotee Records
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