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Love Hurts Lyrics

Love hurts, love scars,
love wounds and mars
Any heart not tough,
Or strong enough
To take a lot of pain,
take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud,
holds a lot of rain
Love hurts, love hurts

I learned too slow,
but even so
I know a thing or two
I've learned from you
I really learned a lot,
really learned a lot
Love is like a flame,
burns you when it's hot
Love hurts, mmm, mmm, love hurts

Some fools dream of happiness
Blissfulness, togetherness
Some fools fool themselves I guess
But they're not fooling me
I know it isn't true,
know it isn't true
Love is just a lie
made to make you blue
Love hurts, love hurts

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Lacy J. Dalton - Chains On The Wind
is the track #4 from the album Chains On The Wind which is released on 1992-04-13. Genre: Country | Record Label: A Capitol Records Nashville Release 1992 Capitol Records, LLC
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