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Ratchet Featuring Azealia Banks Lyrics

(lady gaga) (Verse one)
Wanna see me, wanna fuck me, wanna touch me, want to-do-
shit-like-me, and i dont take that shit likely! that's
why so you RATCHET baby. And Yes its gaga baby that's why
im stuntin hard than that mother fucking Trey's bies. Im
So RATCHET i make it i classic, yea is it real baby,Now
lets start claping to all these ratchet hoes (cause its
gaga bitch) And im about to start Snatching Hoes!
Ratchet go far away, Fashion police is coming for your
fake weave Away, They will beat you harder than me Go
away Take the taxi, go far away, You thought i was out
bitch, bitch i just took a break unlike you im about to
make you Pick a permitted Estate

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