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Baddest Girl Lyrics

(Bad Girl)
Yuh Know Im bad right? Bad
(Bad Girl)
Everybody know Im bad
(Bad Girl)
Hey done know if yuh pass di place wi gonna get mad
dont it
(Bad Girl)
Huh, uh, yo
Im the baddest girl on the block
Tell em eediat bwoy dem a puff an relax yo
Lady Saw me a real toppa top I was born dis way so yuh
know mi caan stop
Uh mi a bad gyal
So dont try cross mi pack
Nah try draw mi out
Nah guh put mi to rack
Mi a mad gyal
So dont fly past mi nex
So eediat bwoy nah gyal caan jump inna mi chest
(Verse 1)
Mi family an mi man dem a mi first priority
So may we deepen bout a dem a true mi best ability
Nah beg nobody nutten
Cau mi bun charity
Lady Saw too rich an mi too bossy
Nah beg fi break fast
Nah give nobody ass
Dimly back inna mi radio betta move dem to
Ras a bun fire weh di fassy dem a try
If yuh dis Lady Saw yuh get boom bye bye
(Verse 2)
Watch it mek mi bruk it dung inna verse 2
Cau to win some sex dem dont have a clue
No matta dream whatta like a when a we inna do
Yuh nuh complish mi dream it neva easy fi do
No me caan access mi fan drip mi inna di bed
100 bushel
Buss more not less
Mek dem power up dem motor waan big up dem chest
Its obvious tell yuh
Its hard gi dem stress
(Verse 3)
An anodda ting
Juss listen to verse 3
To be Lady Saw its not easy fi mi
Dem waan cha fi di style an di personality
But Im still di bad gyal from St. Mary
If yuh tink I like den try step to mi
Whetha physically or
Try hurt mi pride an mi
Den yu woulda bring out di dog inna mi
(Chorus x2)
(Verse 1)
(Chorus x2)
Bad gyal fi years
(Bad girl)
Yuh done know nuh matta weh dem come wi nuh care
(Bad Girl)

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