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Elijah Lyrics

Oh my love, it's a long way down
to the bottom when you're high and mighty and sacred,

But I can't live my life
born in sin and holdin' it in
cause if we're all goin' down
then I am goin' down in style

In a big black car I'll ride
you take me over to the other side
Elijah, Elijah Oh

When I complicate the matters of love
They say pray, it's the only way to get above
Well baby, believe me, it's easy to see
how heaven is lost when you're only lookin' up

In a big black car I'll ride
you take me over to the other side
Elijah, Elijah Oh

I could be a good girl
if that's what they'd like to see
Another Mary Polly and a child
so cover up and sit tight
button up and don't fight
on your knees, beggin' please
for someone to save me

When the big day comes, we'll know
what really mattered most of all
See I had a vision, all I did was listen
and this what I saw

Elijah, Elijah yeah
Elijah, Elijah

Sing it, when you get to the other side, girl
Yeah, we know how very hard you tried, girl
But we're laughin' on the other side
Oh, we're dancin' on the other side
Yeah, we're shoutin' on the other side

In a big black car you ride
Just take your time, take your time, take your time

Song writer(s): Robert Bradley Giles, Laura Jansen
Official Laura Jansen website: www.laurajansen.com

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Laura Jansen - Bells
is the track #9 from the album Bells which is released on 2009-09-04. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2011 Laura Jansen under exclusive license to Universal Music BV
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