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Baby Punchers Lyrics

Fuck your flag and fuck your face
you're the garbage of the human race
Ever since I was just seventeen
I pledged to Kill Your American Dream
Singing songs about your war and hate
and how your sickly system alienates
your corrupt machine destroys all the land
your gluttonous greed I'll never understand

cop-callers your time is up!
peace stallers your time is up!
bloodsuckas your time is up!
mothafuckas your time is up!

corrupt politicians we're on a mission
a declaration of your abolition
your petty laws and plans for absolute power
will rot out from beneath your feet, you're fuckin' sour
as you lock up and destroy all our family and friends
your head'll be on the chopping block before we end
so put up your nose and wave off your hand
cause your grisly torture and death is being planned (go!)

badge-wavers your time is up!
cash-cravers your time is up!
book-burners your time is up!
un-leaners your time is up!

blah blah rant! your time is up!
jail-fillers your time is up!
youth-killers your time is up!
bloodsuckas your time is up!
motherfuckas your time is up!
Fuck you!

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