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Often I'm listening
Not to the words you say
But to the love within you
Without this peril
There's no us
Now I see the ties that bind

I'm tired of pretending
This is where I should be
I know it's still possible
To save our memories
We're looking for an answer
I know that we already know
In every other love story
Someone has got to go

This house is flooded
Upsets the balance
Too much sweetness turns sour
Not within me but in our difference
Here lies the abyss

Say no more
Say goodbye
I see who you are
Just stay around now
This is the best part
Time to set each other free
I can see now in the aftermath
It wasn't meant to be...

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Leiahdorus - Parallel Universe
is the track #2 from the album Parallel Universe which is released on 2005-09-06. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2005 A Different Drum
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