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What Love Can Do lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm losing sleep over you. Look what you've done to me. Not saying you ain't the truth this loves no
fantasy. Sometimes I'm so sick of you I need some therapy. Just like an addict on you making no

So should I stay, should I go. Do i do, do I don't. Will I will, will I won't. Do like my momma told me.

That's what love can do mow I know. Everything just ain't good for you. Said I'm feeling like a fool.
It can be so confused oh baby. Maybe that's just what love can do. What love can do.

[Verse 2]
See you sweep me off my feet. Then bring me down to my knees. And then occasionally I'm like somewhere
in between. Everytime we get it right we go wrong (we go wrong). And tell me why does every fight torn
me on (on)

So should I stay, should I go. Do I do, do I don't. Will I will, will I won't Do Like My momma told me


[Verse 3]
Everytime we fuss and fight. I'm headed for the door. And I know inside that this shit ain't. But it
makes me want you more. My friends tell me that I should bounce. Maybe I should just up and leave. But
they can't say cause they don't know. Just what you do to me (you do to me).

[Chorus 2x]

Song writer(s): Dwayne Sirvestor Nesmith, Patrick Michael Smith, Keri Lynn Hilson, Jean Pierre Medor

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Letoya - LeToya
is the track #5 from the album LeToya which is released on 2006-07-25. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2006 Capitol Records, Inc All rights reserved
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