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Manifest (The Foundation) Lyrics

Couldn't grow long hair if I tried
Quite the little bony girl all my life
Needed attention
Love and affection
This journey of love is not what I was getting
Then one day I began to see
How beautiful God made me to be
No longer needed assurance from someone else
Cause I'm cute to myself

Fearfully and wonderfully made
Hand made by God and He don't make mistakes
And I'm looking pretty good on the inside
And it shows on the outside
Took some time now it's plain to me
Everything you see is supposed to be
And I'm looking pretty good on the inside
And it shows on the outside

Tried so hard to be accepted
But instead I was rejected
And by the way while I'm thinking 'bout it
Let me say I made some mistakes
I compromised and did it for the wrong
Giving in instead of holding on
But these are the things you do to please someone else
When we don't think much of ourselves

Bound by
What others believe
Didn't know
That I was created unique
I let their negativity be my reality
Now I
Don't have to feel insecure
I'm made
In the same image as my Lord
Comfortable to live freely as me

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