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I Just Wanna Reminisce On How Good God's Been To Me
From Back In The Daytil Up To Today
And I Will Never Forget
Thank God For The New
But We Can't Forget The Old School [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Remember Testimony Service Limit It To Five Minutes Please
But There Was Always That Sister
Who Didn't Know How To Take A Seat
Remember A And B Selections
And Those Tambourines
And That Old Mother In The Corner
Who Was Always So Mean


[Verse 2:]
Remember Ypww
And No Church Nursery
Couldn't Hear The Preacher Preaching
Because All Of The Babies Screaming
Remember All Night Prayer And Fast All Day
And If You Didn't Tarry Then You Wasn't Saved
Remember Dressing Up On Easter
Remember Your Sunday School Teacher
Remember Vacation Bible School
Remember Those Three Piece Hot Polyester Suits
And Mama Said Sit On The Front Row
With Your Pretty Pink Dress And Pink Hairbows
If Your Nails Were Red You Were Jezebel
And If You Wore Pants You Were Going To Hell
And If You Had An Anklet You're A Prostitute
And You Know I'm Telling The Truth


[Verse 3:]
[Remember The Washboards That You Played With A Hanger
The Bass Drum And Devotional Service With One Singer
Remember The Wooden Communion Table That You Could Not Touch
Remember When Wearing Makeup Was Unheard Of
Rememver The Children's Chior But Nobody Ni It Was Saved
And You Got Your Butt Tore Up If You Misbehaved
Remember Songs Like "Shine" And "Still Holding On"
Those Are Some Good Ole Memories
I Could Go On And On


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Lisa Mcclendon - Soul Music
is the track #7 from the album Soul Music which is released on 2003. Genre: Christian & Gospel | Record Label: 2003 Integrity Music (part of the David C Cook family)
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